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Winter in the Caribbean

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I would be fibbing if I said we rented this guy a satellite phone. We do, however, have lots of customers getting ready to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, Gulf and Central America. For some, it is a long weekend in Bimini, while, for others, it will be two or three months on their boat enjoying the scenery or taking their time as they cruise from here to there. Whether it is for a weekend or the season, purchasing or renting a satellite phone is a smart move, and - yes - it can save your life. Give us a call at 561-245-5203 to discuss your options.

Just in Case

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Some of us are looking at a lot of rain for at least part of this weekend, but others of you are looking at a great weekend for getting out and enjoying the beauty that nature gives us for free. If you have a satellite phone or Spot, it is a good idea to bring one along just in case. If you are heading somewhere that does not have cellular service at all, it is smart to plan ahead and arrange to rent a satellite phone or Spot messenger. It could save your life.

Cruising Season

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Starting to get calls from our Winter cruisers who are getting their plans together for two or three months of enjoying the best the Caribbean has to offer. Not too much has changed regarding available services this Winter, but give us a call and we'll be glad to review your set-up and options. SPS

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